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My First Life Challenge

For a team building event at work, we were asked to tell our autobiography. Everyone around me told fascinating life stories about the hardships they endured, challenges they faced, and how that got them to where they are today. When it was my turn, I realized in my short 30-something year life I had a pretty calm life. I didn’t have any hardships. I had never endured any tragedies. I lived a very fortunate, blessed life, surrounded by loving friends and family. My childhood was full of great memories. I have a loving husband and healthy, smart daughter. I went to a top university and now have a career I love. I have hobbies I’m passionate about and get to enjoy regularly. By no means is my life perfect, but it is certainly blessed.

Now at 33 years old, I face my first big life challenge. At 22 weeks pregnant with my second child, I’ve been diagnosed with lymphoma.

The road ahead to fight cancer and adapt to a family of four is scary. But I know I can do it with my amazing support system by my side and the care of a top team of doctors. This is my fight and I’m ready to conquer it.

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